BTS with Yael - Pantone Inspired Spring Shoot

After a long and lingering winter, Montreal was yearning for the emergence of Spring. I set out to capture the lovely, ethereal beauty of the Spring season, even idealized by the persisting cold!


All great shoots begin with the right materials. I can’t stress the importance of prep work enough! I began by searching the fabric store Fabricville online. They have a Pantone section to their website, and it was the perfect place for Colour of the Year ‘Radiant Orchid’ inspired materials. (Quick Montreal tip: Place Versailles mall has a much better selection than the downtown Fabricville!)


Once I had this colour palette, I was off and running! I always scout for flower options 1-2 weeks before the shoot to ensure finding the right colors. I bought simple purple Caspia and white Baby's Breath flowers from a local flower shop Fleurs St Jean (1374 Rue Ontario Est, Montreal)


It’s incredibly helpful to have connections! Jewelry was provided by Boutique de Luxe, who originally contacted me on Model Mayhem (hurray for social media!) - be sure to check out their amazing collection here.

The shoot was set for the end of March, thinking it would be Spring already. But that lingering winter would not give up. It was the worst winter storm day (ice, rain, snow)! The very generous Karen from BDL drove all the way from the west island to downtown to come drop the jewelry :S Thanks Karen! :)

Team: Next important step: Work with a great team! We had the very talented makeup artist Stephanie Guida on board, and of course, our model Yael Perez/Miss Meow, with whom I had been planning the shoot since the Fall! (all good things take time!)Now, place model in the hay, surround her with flowers, and go! Very important: do not forget to insert cat!

Canon 5D MK III w/ 24-70 lens
Alien Bees 800W
Cactus wireless flash triggers
The lighting setup was VERY simple! Window on one side, and 1 Alien Bees shooting up at the ceiling.

And here is the finished product! I am thrilled with the result. Soft and radiant- an awakening into Springtime.

Assistant and BTS pictures: Robert Zbikowski.